Banner Advertising

Choose your suitable banner advert area

Banner advertisement is one of the best medium to capture and attract vieweres to your website/products. Animated and custom made banners will be placed in all pages of Banners varies in size and position in the classifieds.

Reasons to advertise with us

  •  5,000 unique visitors every week
  •  10,000 page impressions every week
  •  2,700 online adverts placed by our users
  •  average of ten pages viewed per unique user
  •  most popular day is Thursday
  •  Linked with popular web traffic Channels

 Banner Design

If you don't have a banner ad ready to show, let us create a custom design for you. The cost for our creative work is $50 for one custom banner ad design. Approximately 50% of the banners you see on the site today were designed by our team.