Company Profile

City Propeties Real Estate

With more than 15 years of experience in the UAE, City Properties has established itself as one of UAE's leading local property management and development companies through its evolutionary business approach to leasing, developing, renting and designing properties across UAE. It has taken great strides in diversifying its market offering by putting customers at the centre of its business focus and then building services around their needs.

As a company that has cut its teeth on the UAE Property boom, City Properties has amassed a wealth of knowledge and human resources that gives it the impetus to reach out to a variety of clientele, not just in the GCC, but to the Middle East and other world markets.

When it was formally established in 2003, City Properties focus lay in managing its own properties, and those of private concerns, for brokerage, lease, rent and maintenance. During that time the company had to deal extensively with not only property owners, but property buyers and tenants as well. As a result, City Properties recognized the need to include additional and more sophisticated services to its central market offering.

From simply managing real estate transactions, City Properties has evolved its market offering to include a wide range of services such as property evaluation, finance options for tenants, maintenance and security solutions that suit its increasingly diverse and savvy clientele.

A pioneering effort by the senior management and IT staff has come in the form of a real estate software management solution that City Properties has integrated into its web portal, giving tenants and property owners a wide range of feature rich and functional options with which to find, sell and rent property.

The software is even available to allow property owners to manage and organize their own real estate developments. To support this broad initiative and create a comprehensive bouquet of real estate services, City Properties recruited experts in finance, accounting, property evaluation, engineering, architecture, human resources, IT and security.

As a result of its growth and diversity following its evolutionary rise in the real estate sector, City Properties now manages or owns over 3500+ property units in the UAE and worldwide. This portfolio is managed entirely by its web enabled software solution and serviced by its satellite offices around the UAE.

Since its inception as a B2B real estate company in the year 2003, the company gained considerable recognition and growth in the real estate market where it expanded its client portfolio by managing a wide range of properties located in diversified locations all over Sharjah, Ajman and Dubai in addition to overseas property management in global market outside the GCC region.

City Properties is currently in talks with foreign countries governments, global corporations and its own national government to implement its innovative state-of-the-art online property management system across a stream of property sectors and management sectors.

The solution has attracted interest from a wide array of management concerns due to its versatility, flexibility and feature-rich organizational applications The system also organizes and synchronizes customer and management databases with the use of IT, telecommunications and web infrastructure for maximum functionality.