CEO Message

Dr Abdulla Mohammed Yousef Al Shaibani

Dr. Abdulla Al Shaibani
CEO, City Properties Real Estate

Our desire is to provide world-class services in the field of real estate management and advisory services to all stakeholders in the real estate market, whether they are developers, managers, owners or users of real estate services in the residential, commercial or industrial sector.

Our principle is to provide fair and receptive services that match all clients’ needs, while meeting the requirements of tenants and property owners equally. We are committed to the vision of our leaders in fulfilling our CSR to place the UAE on the world map by demonstrating our great youthful aspirations as a growing and emerging nation. As the edge of the horizon stretches far beyond the scope of our sight, so do the limits we place on ourselves as an imaginative and resourceful real estate company.

"We are not looking for success we are looking for excellence"