Property Management

Why To Choose City Properties To Manage Your Investment property?

Because you want a Property Manager who will maximise your investment value and minimise the day to day management hassles, right? Renting a managed unit from City Properties ensures peace of mind for you, as a tenant - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With a central 24-hour emergency support and helpline, you can enjoy hassle-free living in a City Properties managed property. Experience well-presented and superbly maintained properties for long and short-term periods with our Property Management services that include,

Tenancy registration

Get the assistance you need to organise the documentation that meets the necessary legal standards and register your contract.

Pre-handover inspection and cleaning

We check for discrepancies and damage and provide an extensive inspection report of the property's condition before you move in. We also prepare, maintain and clean your unit for you to move into.

Landlord communication

By acting as a liaison between you and your landlord, we help maintain open lines of communication and effectively deal with any issue that may arise.

Dispute resolution

By acting as a neutral third party, we offer quick solutions to help landlords and tenants resolve their differences.

Rent collection

Discover the easiest way to pay your rent on time. Never miss a payment again.

Routine inspections

We conduct regular inspections to ensure that the property is well-maintained and address any preventative maintenance issue

Supervision of common areas (For City Properties managed buildings only)

We inspect common areas for cleaning, pest control, security and the upkeep of health and safety standards.

Repairs and maintenance

Our team of contractors are available to respond to any emergency repair and maintenance situation to keep you worry-free.

Dedicated property supervisor

Receive dedicated support with day-to-day management, repairs, maintenance and transfer of utilities.

Maintenance of security deposit

We maintain all deposits until they are refunded to you upon successful check-out inspection.

Check-out inspection

When you move out of your property, we conduct a thorough inspection to protect the interest of the landlord and safeguard your security deposit.

Lease renewal

Like to renew your contract? We'll send you a reminder when your lease is about to expire and help with renewals in accordance with legal requirements.

Rental market analysis

Discover the highest potential rental for your short and long-term property. Lease your property as a short-term rental and benefit from 100% rent advances, commitment flexibility, and minimum void periods.

Tenant management and rent recovery

Prompt rent recovery, supervise tenants' use of property (to avoid subletting and damage), maintain records of tenant activities and interaction and establish proactive relationships with them.

Online LandLord Portal

All in one online Electronic LandLord Portal

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